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Remote I/O

  • Save on initial labor costs by reducing the amount of labor and wire required to pull thousands of feet of wiring back to the control cabinet.
  • Deluxe backup features that will not allow backup thermostats to over ride the system unless there is a problem.
  • Less noise interference on sensor signals by converting these analog signals into communications right at the sensor eliminating the antenna effect.
  • Each module comes with a standard one year warranty.


The IntraE cabinet is the heart and sole of the system. It is the main inetrface between the Integra PC and the I/O in the barn.

Deluxe Backup

Is the panel with all of the outputs to control everything you could possibly imagine inside the barn.  Including but not limited to fans, feeders, lights, nests, blowers, etc. It also includes backup inputs that will not over ride our controls unless something goes wrong.


Handles all general inputs for monitoring the status of any discrete signal as well as counter inputs for egg counters and water meters.

Sensor Module

Analog input module for temperature sensors, humidity, water pressure, and any other types of 0-10V inputs.

MCU Inlet Control

Motor control unit for controlling air inlets, curtains, and tunnel doors with input for static pressure input.  It also includes connections for a photo helix for controlling when in backup.

Analog Output

An optional add on enclosure for extra analog and relay outputs.  


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